After Care

Snow Blower

Concrete is an extremely durable product that will last decades. 

Here are some tips to keep it looking it’s best:

Snow Shovel by Graphic Nehar from the Noun Project

PLASTIC SHOVELS are highly recommended to help prevent scratching the concrete and loosening any stones with stamped or exposed aggregate.

Snow Blower by Juan Sebastian Zamora from the Noun Project

SNOW BLOWERS can be used as long as the blades do not come in direct contact with the concrete. It’s also recommended that the blower’s guides are not too sharp because they can scratch the surface of your concrete.

Snow Plow by Kmg Design from the Noun Project

WHEN CONTRACTING SNOW REMOVAL to a company or individual with a blade, ensure the blade has a plastic guard along the bottom to protect your concrete surface.

Salt Bottle by Graphic Nehar from the Noun Project

DON’T USE DE-ICING PRODUCTS OR SALT on your new concrete. We recommend using sand or cat litter. Only after concrete is two years old may you use “concrete friendly” products.

Flask by Graphic Nehar from the Noun Project

AVOID USING CHEMICAL PRODUCTS containing nitrates, urea or magnesium in their ingredient list. These products will damage your concrete.

lawn by priyanka from the Noun Project

USE CAUTION WHEN DISPERSING FERTILIZERS etc. near your concrete, if these products settle on the concrete, they can leave a stain on the concrete.