plastic shovels

We highly recommend using a plastic shovel for snow removal. This will help to prevent scratching the concrete and loosening any stones with the stamped or exposed aggregate.

snow blowers

Snow blowers can be used as long as you ensure the blades do not come in direct contact with the surface. It is recommended that snow guides are not too sharp as well. They do come in contact with the concrete, therefore may scratch the concrete surface.

other companies

If you are having another individual or company look after your snow removal with a blade, ensure that they have a plastic guard along the bottom to protect your concrete surface.

other products

Do not use any de-icing products or salt on your new concrete. We recommend using sand or cat litter. After concrete is two years old, you can use "concrete friendly" products.


Avoid using products containing nitrates, urea or magnesium in their ingredient list. These products will damage your concrete.

spring work

Use caution when applying fertilizers, etc. near your concrete. If these products settle on the concrete, they can leave a stain on the concrete.


Thank you Connie for doing such an awesome job. It is beautiful and you guys were awesome to work with as well!

— Sylvia